Switzerland fun facts and something to thrill

I lived in Switzerland a million years ago and it is where I learned to speak French. It is SUCH a beautiful country.

But here are some FUN FACTS : Swiss men have the longest life expectancy in the world – life expectancy at birth is 81.3 years for Swiss men and 85.3 years for Swiss women, according to World Health Organization. This puts Switzerland second (after Japan) for the average longest life expectancy.

In Switzerland it is illegal to own just ONE of any pet that needs to be sociable such as a guinea pig, mouse, ferret, fish, canary, pig or other social creature. With the world’s most stringent animal welfare laws, Switzerland judges isolation for such animals as abuse. There is even a pet-renting service in case one of your pair of animals dies and the owner wants to avoid a pet-buying cycle to abide by the pairing law.

Swiss people are taxed on their dogs each year judged by their weight and size – the dog’s not the owner’s.

And best of all and I admit this is just SO SWISS:  Sundays in Switzerland are protected by a long list of social laws – making it illegal to undertake activities such as mowing, hanging out laundry, washing your car or recycling bottles to ensure peace and beauty is maintained. A peaceful night’s sleep is also guaranteed by rules that frown upon noise after 10pm, which can include peeing standing up, slamming a car door, flushing a toilet or emptying a bath.

So, if you can’t go there then at least get an adrenalin rush and watch this superb video of the GELMER FUNICULAR RAILWAY  if you have facebook. It is stunning!

Or click on this stunning video of the steepest funicular railway in the worl .  Both are courtesy of the Beauty of Plant Earth and Matador Network.


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