Bobby Dazzler of a Travel App!

Being an Aussie I am also quite chuffed to rave about a Little Bewdy of an app called LOUNGE BUDDY which was created by two Aussie guys recently.

Obviously if you are a Business Class traveller this app is great  and really easy to use as it tells you which Airline Lounge is the best one for you to head to at each airport to get the best value for your ticket.

Oh! Quelle surprise my Flight is Delayed!!

But you can also use it if you are travelling ECONOMY and your flight is delayed and you’re fed up of roaming for hours looking for a seat.
With LoungeBuddy, users can find what lounges they can get into based on what credit card they use, which airline membership they have or whether they can pay a one-time fee.

One of the founders, Tyler Dickman said:  he ended up “having these great adventures” when he reached his destination, but that airport time “was really bad. It was poorly managed time and I always had access to airport lounges. But it wasn’t necessarily the lounges that were right for my needs at the time. And even if I could figure out what lounges were right for my needs, I’d then spend hours of my time trying to figure [out which one to use]. And that was certainly time no one else would ever be willing to spend.”

After downloading the app to your smartphone or tablet, you fill out a profile including your itinerary, frequent-flier programs, and credit card details.

Based on this data, LoungeBuddy then tells you where the nearest eligible lounges are in relation to your gate — and whether you can access them for free or need to pay a one-time fee.

Read a review of it here




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