Dishonest Cabbies in Athens – tips

Trusting your Taxi Driver when Travelling is an Oxymoron

I’m ropeable. Again.
I and my two friends took a taxi from Athens airport the other day, where there is a big sign at the Taxi rank stating the fare into Athens – which is quite a long journey – is 38 euros.
My dubious looking driver typed in 43 on his phone as we drove off, which I accepted.
Upon arrival he wanted 74 euros as per the meter he had activated from the start.
Not speaking Greek we had an extended argument in which I in the front refused and he shouted back some crap about extra tolls and strikes and alternative routes.
Blah blah blah.
Heard it last time mate.
Problem was our luggage was in the boot and the girls in the back were locked  in and couldn’t get out to retrieve our bags.
I threw 50 euros at him and he still argued, shouted, wrangled. But at least we had got our luggage out by this time.
In future I will ALWAYS: take a photo of the car registration plates before I get in a taxi when I do not speak their language.
I will then take a photo of the driver.
I will then tell him not to expect a centime more than 38 euros before I get in his car.
If he won’t accept that then try the next Taxi.
And if you find yourself in my position in Athens ring the Police on 100 or the tourist police on 170.
That should get him to back off.
This will happen in Rome and in Istanbul too so deploy the same tactic. They all have fixed price fares because of the dishonesty of their drivers.
Don’t be intimidated by them.
 For Tips on Rome click here.
Just make a note: I have not experienced this in Paris – but I do speak French – nor in Spain.

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