Paris Hi Line Walk

Paris Haven on the “Promenade Plantée”

Let’s face it, Paris’s traffic is a nightmare and after a while if you spend a long time inside the Snail (the arrondissements 1 – 18) you find yourself yearning for some serenity.

In the area to the right of the Opera Bastille on rue Diderot is just that.  A HiLine rural walk that has been open for 27 years..

Architects designed this trail in 1988 on an abandoned train line: on the tracks that had taken trains from Bastille to Varenne-Saint-Maur from 1859 to 1969. They replaced  the tracks with a sprinkling of lovely greenery and gardens.
The City of Paris embarked on a vast refurbishing project, revamping this viaduct’s 71 arcades turning them into Studios and Art Galleries under the Promenade Plantée, in 1989.

Parisians have been enjoying strolls along an elevated park in the heart of the city for nearly 20 years.
The Promenade Plantée, or Coulée Verte, runs 4.5km (2.8 mi) through Paris’ 12th arrondissement.
It is open to pedestrians but not bikes and about half of it is  on the viaduct, the rest is at ground level or on footbridges.

It is accessed at Opera Bastille off Boulevard Diderot as per the map below, although there are many access points along the way

Paris Hi Line  footbridge

Paris Hi Line footbridge

For runners and walkers

For runners and walkers

Hi LIne greenery



Viaduct galleries

Viaduct galleries

Pictures from Wikipedia Commons and Mairie de Paris



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