Oh No! Help!

yes, oh dear…..gastro on holidays

dunny roll

Photo credit: Hannah Johnston/Getty Images

Imagine you wake up and you are getting on a flight from say – Paris – home to Australia, the U.S. or wherever  today and you have a case of explosive gastro (both ends)

You take Gastro Stop and your Lomotil tablets that you thoughtfully packed in case of just this sort of emergency but it is not enough.

Take it from me you need to pack at least one or preferably two Adult Incontinence Pads.

These Netti Pads shown here are almost sexy.

But the ones I have in my suitcase look less like Netti and more like this:  incontinence pad1




It does not matter as no one but you will see them and they may just save your dignity when you have to throw up in a pot plant at the airport from both ends…..

No need to thank me. You’re welcome!

Read this too Incontinence and Incompetence in France








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