Taking my mobile phone overseas

I am reblogging this post I wrote a couple of years ago on using your Mobile Cell Phone overseas as I have added some important new info that may help some users. It certainly helped me!

Travel Tips in France and Further

Just back from Europe and looking at a bill that dwarfs your mortgage payment? 

mobile in franceMy Number One Tip:
Whenever I travel  overseas I have activated my VODAFONE RED International Roaming Plan which means that I am automatically charged $5AUD extra per day if I make any phone calls etc whilst overseas on that day.
If I don’t use the phone that day I am not charged.
The real beauty is that I can call ANYONE in Australia on mobile or landline and talk to them or surf the Net, or make local calls in the country I am travelling through as per my normal phone plan and all I pay is $5 extra to do so.
There are 47 countries you can use this plan in.
So check first – see the link here. I know Optus and Telstra offer similar plans but not for as cheap.

Here are some 

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