707 years ago in France

Something despicable happened in France….

This was a fairly commonplace in medieval times but it also was a deception and a betrayal on a grand scale and of the most heinous kind.

It was Friday October 13th in 1307.
And it only took hold in France.
Other countries refused to be part of the awful conspiracy which wiped out a religious order and thousands of its faithful followers.

High on a rock overlooking the green hills of the Dordogne region, is the ancient village of Domme, a gem of sponge cake-coloured buildings and labyrinthine nooks.

On the infamous morning of 13 October 1307, 70 innocent men were taken to the Domme guardhouse, one of the town’s gateways and imprisoned there for the rest of their lives.

port des tours
Being denied possessions, almost all daylight except for tiny wall slits of light and denied food other than bread and water, to express their faith the men used fingernails and even teeth to scrape away the sandstone over the years to produce their remarkable carvings which are still there today.

They were imprisoned and died in this cramped miserable space over 11 years.

What happened here to these innocent men happened all over France at the same time on the same day in 1307. As ordered by the French King.

If you are holidaying in the Dordogne or in the Loire Valley be sure to visit this locked tower in Domme in the Dordogne (ask for the daily visits at the Tourist office)

Or visit a tower in the chateau de Chinon in the Loire Valley and see the evidence echoing back through 707 years at you in the form of ancient graffiti symbols made by desperate forsaken men.

Domme graffiti Chinon graffiti



Knights templar pendant knight tempplar kneeling


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