The Real France on a Map

If you are a true Parisian (and few are as they come from Les Provinces around France mostly) you are conflicted.

What Parisians think of the rest of France

What Parisians think of the rest of France

You have a romantic idyllic pride about your “pays” (your “country”, which means the rural region in France from whence your ancestors hail) and this is in constant conflict with your ingrained belief that Paris is far superior to everywhere else in France.

Being French you are also “un raleur” – a complainer about everything French – but you also have a fierce pride and conviction that France is the epicentre of all good things.
Your President has a less than 13% popularity rating and like most French Presidents who precede him he too is being revealed as corrupt and dissolute, but you could not imagine living anywhere except in France with its sophisticated system of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity that is not working in practice.

Paris is your “maison” or home.
The North of France is full of Poor People, Brittany is full of alcoholics, the Eastern French are all depressed, Southerners are all Wankers and Liers, the Basques and Corsicans are terrorists and the rest of France is full of ignorant Paysans or Yokels.

But being French you will stream to the South of France for August each Summer, clogging the roads to smoke and sunbake on the beaches and you will ski in the Alps in Winter because Paris/France has everything the rest of the world lacks

so why go elsewhere……?


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