French cheeses – ils me manquent beaucoup

Look. I may be lactose intolerant but I don’t care.

When it comes to French cheese I’m happy to endure the post-prandial hardships. And anyway, as Stephen Fry says: “At my age travelling broadens the Behind”

Allow me to list my favourites for you – I miss them (Ils me manquent)

  • Brillat Savarin the king of cheeses pure cholesterol
  • Livarot: has a barnyard, fecal smell and orange rind colour
  • Epoisses smells like stinky bad BREATH luckily doesn’t taste like it so much
  • Crottin de chevignol goats cheese – delicieux
  • Bucheron or niche de chèvre – encore, delicieux
  • Soft ripened goats -cabecou – delightful on a “salade de chevre chaud“: – (bed of lettuce with warm melted goat’s cheese)
  • Saint Marcellin – oh my god creamy and lovely
  • Saint Nectaire  – the more aged it is it becomes more runny and creamy the naughty thing!
  • Pont l’Eveque from Normandy: creamy and soft  with a yucky rind

Of course there are many others – infact over 300  – but these are some of my faves – mes fromages préfèrés

Check out this wonderful website on cheeses everywhere: The Gourmetcheesedetective

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