Going to Versailles Palace from Paris

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Queues so bad there are people from the French Revolution still waiting in line to decapitate someone…

Going out to see Louis IV’s famous chateau is a must-do but also a bit of an ordeal unless you play it right.  First you have to know that all year round the queues are enormous. There are queues to enter the chateau and then queues to move from room to room. (If you have children rope them together like cattle.) It can be worse than the the Kumbh Mela Festival on the banks of the Ganges at sunset. Talking of toilets – there is a monster queue at Versailles for them too just outside the exit (they’ve thoughtfully provided about 4 cubicles for all the seething masses)

I suggest the following plan of attack……

1. AVOID GOING TUESDAYS. Versailles is shut on Mondays so any tourists who couldn’t go Monday flock there…

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