A Plea to Italy: Stop Voting for Clowns

Honestly Italy. Have a good long hard look at yourself.

A comedian as Prime Minister?
Called Beppe?

Beppe the Clown and possible PM

Topless protestors?
Berlusconi?? Silvio Berlusconi
Berlusconi voted in three times??
Apart from everything else he’s 78, been involved in over 20 court cases including sex charges. He needs to go away now. A long way away.
His latest ploy to get elected again: is an amnesty for all tax-evaders and to undo all Mario Monti’s economic measures.
Just DUMB politics.

There are too many comedians and clowns in Italy to be funny anymore.
Aspire to a well-run, intelligent, credible government. I know that’s not easy but Stop voting for Clowns.

As the third largest European economy Italy, you need to act your age.
And another thing: your tourist dollar. Italy you earn over 26 billion USD annually in tourism. It is worth over 11% of your GDP
Italians need to learn that denigrating and depleting tourists as a business model is deeply flawed.
I deal with suppliers a lot in Italy and have found some wonderful, intelligent and charming people who throw their hands up in despair at what is happening to their beautiful beloved country. I know all countries have their fools and their clowns but they as a general rule do not get elected in my view.
Get your act together Italy and learn to love your country and your tourists more.


2 responses to “A Plea to Italy: Stop Voting for Clowns

  1. Yes. Without the tourists the Bay of Naples would be quiet – but the populace would starve. “Burning off” to annoy tourists is another Clown Response by locals

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