Tragic Facial Injuries Masks Paris 1918

Red Cross Paris 1918

I am fascinated by history  and military history even more

I happened upon this eerie photo taken in 1918 the other day.

World War I soildier face casts by Anna Coleman Ladd in the Red Cross Studio, 1918

In late 1917, in Paris, a lady called Anna Ladd founded the American Red Cross “Studio for Portrait-Masks” to provide cosmetic masks to be worn by men who had been badly disfigured in World War I

Soldiers would come to Ladd’s studio to have a cast made of their face and their features sculpted onto clay or plasticine.

This form was then used to construct the prosthetic piece from extremely thin galvanized copper. The metal was painted to resemble the recipient’s skin, and the prosthesis was donned with strings or eyeglasses for retention much like the prosthetics created in Francis Derwent Wood’s “Tin Noses Shop” -Wikipedia


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