Cycling Tour de Vineyards of Burgundy

What Cycling is all About…

Ah for the old days….a bike (some gears) a sunny day, a peaceful road, French countryside, bird-song and a vineyard or two.  It’s what cycling is all about.

In July 2013, to coincide with the final day of the 100th Tour de France, Yours Truly is hosting a fully-escorted tour cycling in Burgundy, walking in the Pyrenees and hootin and hollerin on the Champs Elysees back in Paris on the final day of the Tour de France

  • Amazing food
  • great company
  • gorgeous accommodation
  • spectacular scenery
  • the best wines in France and lots of French, laughter, easy exercise and excitement.
  • Come see the famous, awesome Col du Tourmalet in the Pyrenees, the breathtaking Cirque du Gavarnie and the best vineyards in the famous Burgundy region.
  • See my website for all the details:
  • 2 rooms left still available

Partaking of a quick fag during the Tour….

 Tour de France taken in the 1920’sSmoking02

These blokes are riding single gear bikes. Can you imagine tackling those Cols in the Tour de France in one gear? Not to mention the obvious fact that these blokes are smoking throughout the race!

Maybe scenes like this were commonplaceless great moment tour de f
Henri Degrange seen here with his arms crossed and yes, a fag in his mouth, was the inventor of the Tour de France and introduced the unpopular(can’t think why!) concept of the mountain stages in the Pyrenees.

Hippolyte  Tour de F1905

source: wikipedia. 1905 Hippolyte Tour de France

Note in the top photo the fetching goggles and that each rider is carrying a spare tyre slung over his shoulders. No support team to be seen. 
Nor any lycra.
This snappy dresser  from 1905 sports itchy woollen leggings, a pork pie hat and a huge moustache. His support crew appears to be the little leather pouch attached to his handlebars.

Come and experience France with us – be a part of this legendary event and celebrate its 100th birthday

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