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The French fascination with the Elderly Homme Fatale Genre

A few weeks ago a Francophile friend lent me a pile of French movies on DVD to watch.
Now, I am not denying they all had good actors in them, but, there is one recurring and disturbing question raised that is hard for any thinking woman to ignore.
I just do not understand why for decades the French film directors churn out film after film with much older men either married or about to copulate with much younger and very beautiful women. These paunchy old has-beens are often cads, unfaithful, restless or philandering chain-smokers and their wives are nearly always devoted, patient, very accommodating goddesses who want nothing more than these men to love them.

I don’t get it. Don’t even the actresses object to this plot sometimes?

Do I have to be in love with him? He’s old enough to…

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