Claude Garamond 1532: un “Type”

Claude Garamond

In French the word for a “a certain kind of guy” is “un type”

Typeface in French is le “caractère typographique”  or “typographie” and the typeface Garamond is a design of Claude Garamond cut in 1495.

Garamond types were first used in books printed in Paris around 1532.

Claude Garamond was born in Paris in 1480. He learned how to cut type from his father and by the age of fifteen he was able to fashion steel punches the size of a pica (12 size font) with great precision. At the age of 60 he was commissioned by King Francis 1 to design a Greek Alphabet and for this he was given the honourable title of Royal Type Founder.

He died in 1561.

Garamond type punches

Garamond type punches (Photo credit: debcha)

English: Page from Robert Estienne's edition o...


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