Hilly Bliss – Cycling in the Dordogne

July 10 2012  – cycling  and Elle McPherson in the Dordogne

We’ve just been having such a lovely time with our group of fellow travellers. We laugh all the time.
Yesterday we rode 50 kms (25 kms of uphill – literally) to Rocamadour in the Lot region and then rode back to our medieval 16thC hotel in the Dordogne in a gorgeous medieval town. See my post on Rocamadour.
Half the group of riders was pole-axed.
But we all did it.

We ate a Michelin-starred dinner and drank Chateau de Rothschild reds and strolled back to our rooms and slept 9 hours straight. Then next day  we had a little tour of our local 12th Century Romanesque Abbey. (If you are a medieval history and architecture NUT like I then read this great article on just this!)
Superb experience.

My cycling mates would would have been proud of me cycling yesterday – I was not even tired!!
Not sore, stiff or anything.
I was WonderWoman.
My legs were pistons and my mind was a steel trap.
Today we rode along the Dordogne river along green canopied bike trails then into little towns and past ivy-clad old houses, fields of corn, walnuts and tobacco, looking at distant chateaux peeking out of the mountainside.
We visited ancient 900 year old chateaux  and caves inhabited since Cro Magnon man 10,000 years ago.

Not a cloud in the sky.

Kept having to stop for water as we are SWEATING so much. Remember that?
I shall go downstairs for a swim to COOL OFF.
Then – off to wander in Sarlat with my group of peeps and drink a well-earned beer.



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