Romania language lesson

I have had the most magical of days. Cerulean blue skies and crystal clear sunshine on snow. Breathtaking. We are 200 kms from the border of Poland and the Ukraine.
Spent the day looking at painted monasteries which sounds dull but wasn’t.

These monasteries were erected in the 15th C by Stephen the Great and then meticulously painted over every square inch inside and outside depicting the martyrdom of saints (lots of decapitations etc) and births of religious dudes etc. (Christ, Mary, John the Baptist etc)
The paintings have remained intact and flawless throughout the centuries. It is quite remarkable and they are Unesco sites.
We passed many many horse drawn carts carrying hay and wood with bored peasants at the reins.

Our driver Doreen (a bloke) kindly stops for me to take photos of them all. Our guide Radish (also a bloke) is so helpful and quite intrigued by our choice of subject to photograph. All the houses have ornate wells in the front yards and I adore them. We all want photos of gypsies and toothless peasants and I take a lot of photos of the roofs in Romania.
This is the land that modern taste design forgot. Truly. The Romanians have a roof fetish. The house will be a slum but the roof will be vast, bright red or blue and in pristine condition. It is quite odd.

There are bears in the woods everywhere that are just emerging from the snows so we have to be careful where we wander even round the hotel at night.

We learned today that “I do” in Romanian is “Fuck” but spelt Fac. I made the obvious joke about at a wedding the priest would ask “do you take this woman?” and the answer would be FUCK.   How rude.


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